About Us

We’ve been making wooden doors and timber windows for two generations and, although things have changed a lot over the years, the ideals of yesterday-such as pride in workmanship and attention to detail-are still respected at Tiana Joinery. We have a tradition of quality that will add value and style to your property and we’re passing that tradition on by training our own apprentices in-house.

“One of the great things about technology is being able to integrate highly-skilled tradesmen with the precision equipment that’s available to the industry today. This means we’re able to put a top quality product into the field-we’ve chosen to be the industry benchmark.”

Tino Basso, Proprietor

Company philosophy

Our company philosophy has been strongly influenced by the dedication, skill and pride shown by older tradesmen, who’ve passed on their knowledge. We believe in creating the wooden doors and timber windows our clients the products they want and giving them even better quality than they expect.

We’re specialists-in touch with the latest developments both here and overseas-and, because we’ve invested extensively in modern technology, we know the best and most cost-effective way to manufacture your timber windows, or a create unique door that suits your exact requirements — front door, interior entry door, sliding door or folding door, any door.

Industry associations

about-hia2Window and Door Industry Council (WADIC), which is a lobby and advocacy service for its members, participating in the development of industry standards and new technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
about-hia3Timber Development Association of South Australia (TDA), which is funded by industry members and looks after the long-term interests of the timber industry.