Look at some of the fine old buildings around the country and you’ll see proof that well-maintained timber windows and doors last for generations.

Timber has a warmth and natural charm that other materials don’t possess and it’s a renewable resource – all sound environmental reasons for choosing timber doors and windows for your home.

At Tiana, we source our timber from sustainably managed forests, so your wooden doors and windows are manufactured from timber harvested with the conservation of the environment in mind. Our suppliers in Canada are also working collaboratively with major environmental groups. Environment protection is an on-going consideration at our workshop.

Timber preservatives are applied either by hand-brushing or in dip tanks, where they can be re-used. All timber off-cuts are collected and sold, while chips, shavings and sawdust are compacted into briquettes suitable for use as a fuel source.

Bushfire Safety

As our factory is located in the Adelaide Hills, Tiana Joinery has become a leader in bushfire research and development with regard to the safety of homes. If you’re building in bushfire-prone areas, you’ll be pleased to know that our products meet AS 3959 for bushfire safety standards.

To conform to regulations, we manufacture your timber windows and doors in hardwood and we provide compliant insect screens.


Briquette machine used to compress sawdust into logs for burning in fires.

Energy Conservation

Timber is energy-efficient in more ways than one. There’s an analysis that can be done called ’embodied energy’, which measures the amount of energy needed to produce different products and materials. When compared to aluminium, timber is a far better option (see table), because the energy required for production is many times less and it releases significantly less greenhouse gases.

Timber is also an extremely good insulator compared to other building materials like aluminium. Because it’s more efficient at keeping the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer, your heating and cooling bills will be lower-and that’s good for your pocket as well as the environment.

Combine your timber doors and windows with a range of glazing options and you’ll gain other benefits too. Your energy bills will be further reduced and you’ll find some can be very effective noise barriers. At Tiana Joinery, we’ve developed a highly efficient double-glazing system that provides all these advantages-and it looks great as well!

Our timber windows and doors are made from a renewable resource that is beautiful, long-lasting and energy efficient-all good reasons to order your custom-made products from Tiana Joinery.

Tiana Joinery is proud to support Sustainable House Day.

The aim of Sustainable House Day is to showcase sustainable design and to encourage the adoption of sustainable design features in existing and new homes. The focus is to show how simple, easy and cost effective sustainable living can be.

Material Energy used in prod’n (Mj/m3)
Timber 750
Aluminium 1 100 000
Carbon released in prod’n (kg/m3)
Timber 15
Aluminium 22 000
Carbon stored (kg/m3)
Timber 250
Aluminium 0
Traditional Craftsmanship
Wood is energy efficient