Tiana’s top quality wooden doors and windows are constructed by a team of qualified and dedicated tradespeople who have a collective 100 years of experience. And we offer timber insect screens as standard. When you want wooden doors (such as front doors, interior entry doors, sliding doors or folding doors) and timber windows (awning, sash, sashless, casement or arched), Tiana custom-made timber windows, wooden doors and doorframes are simply the best you can buy—the best quality and the best value for money.

Products range

We manufacture wooden doors and door frames to your specific order. Whether you want full glass, colonial style, solid timber doors, or indeed any type of door, Tiana Joinery will create attractive, functional and long-lasting products. Choose Tiana to supply front doors, interior entry doors, timber sliding doors and folding doors.
Timber windows are available in a range of styles, from awning, sash and sashless, through to casement and arched designs, all crafted to your exact specifications with computer-guided accuracy.
Café bifolds are today’s lifestyle choice. Folding doors and windows, with glass and/or screens allow you to have the open and flexible living environment you want.
And we specialise in manufacturing one-off architectural products. We’re able to create individually crafted wooden doors and timber windows to your specific design. Because we have the skilled tradesmen and the modern technology, we’re able to produce the most unique and complicated items you might require.
Combine your wooden doors and timber windows with a range of glazing options and you’ll gain other benefits too. Your energy bills will be further reduced and you’ll find some can be very effective noise barriers. At Tiana Joinery, we’ve developed a highly efficient double-glazing system that provides all these advantages-and it looks great as well!

Important questions

Q. What timber is used?

A. At Tiana Joinery, timber for our wooden doors and windows is selected from our stock of the best available grade Western Red Cedar, which is virtually free of knots and blemishes. We import this timber direct from Canada, and allow it to dry naturally at our premises, so unlike some kiln-dried product, our Western Red Cedar won’t twist or warp, giving it increased durability. All timber is moisture-tested in-house prior to use, so your wooden doors and windows will look great for years to come.

Q. How is the door or windows constructed? Is it just nailed together or are is it made the traditional way with mortice and tenon joints?

A. At Tiana Joinery, all our wooden doors and timber windows are made with high-precision mortice and tenon joints that are glued and screwed. Very few joineries in Australia do this, but we do, because we know that this is the best way to maintain structural stability long-term. And by avoiding the use of nails on the face of framing joints, your entrance doors will never develop the unsightly rust stains that disfigures some products. We build each door and timber window to last!

Q. How is the timber surface prepared?

A. In our assembly area, each door and timber window is flood-dipped or hand-brushed, to help preserve the timber and enhance the beauty of the grain. All Tiana wooden doors and windows have arrised edges and the sanded faces are ready for clear or painted finishes. This saves tradesmen time on site and that saves you money!

Q. Do the wooden doors and timber windows have seals to prevent the penetration of water and drafts?

A. Each Tiana door and window has fully-fitted rubber seals, which are tested and guaranteed to meet or exceed the relevant Australian Standards, so you can be sure your timber windows and entrance doors will keep the weather out.

Q. If I live in the country, or another state, how will my order be processed?

A. Tiana Joinery is happy to work with interstate and regional customers who want top quality wooden doors and timber windows. For smaller jobs, communication is by phone, fax and email. Tiana will liaise with your builder or installer to ensure that all door and window dimensions are measured correctly. For larger projects, Tiana is prepared to send an experienced person to provide on-site consulting.

Interstate delivery is usually via furniture delivery vans, to ensure that your new timber windows and doors are all packed securely. We aim to send them as part of a back load, as this is more economical. A local freight company usually makes our regional deliveries.

On the rare occasion when there is an installation problem, refer first to your builder or carpenter for an evaluation of the problem. Tiana asks that they take photographs and email them, because it is often possible to diagnose the problem and suggest ways to correct it. If a local person is still unable to resolve the issue, Tiana will send one of our own people to the site.

Australian standards

  • AS 3959 Bushfire safety
  • AS 2047 Windows in buildings-selection and installation
  • AS 1288 Glass in buildings-selection and installation

What clients say

“Dear Tino, A big thank you for the wonderful workmanship you and your team did on creating our windows and doors. They are a real feature of the house, as well as assisting us in our desire to live in comfort all the year, without having to rely on excessive heating and cooling…”
Eriks and Judy Celmins, Kangarilla